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May 20, 2012 Annular Eclipse

  Prof. Barry Rice on Channel 13 News
  Prof. Rice explains to the News audience what is going to happen during the annular eclipse.

  Animation of the annular eclipse
  Made from pictures by Prof. David Dunn taken at Pyramid Lake NV

  A 1:53 animation of the annular eclipse
  Made from pictures by Kris Syversen taken at Pyramid Lake NV
  Toward the end of the slideshow clouds move front of the Sun as it sets behind a cloud bank.

  A composite picture of the annular eclipse
  Made from pictures by Prof. Dave Kenyon taken at Pyramid Lake NV

Pictures from the Astronomy Club's Campout & Observation party at Pyramid Lake NV
Dinner the day before Preparing the court for Volleyball Enjoying the Lake & Clouds Clouds & Lake in Greyscale Enjoying th evening around the campfire with friends Getting ready for the big event The Eclipse has started The Sierra College Centerline Eclipse Team
Taking afocal pictures through in Telescope Projected image through binoculars Making hand shadows Small image of the eclipse taken through eclipse glasses Start of the eclipse notice the sunspots The Dragon is eating the Sun! Annularity A cresent Sun

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