Guide Sheet to the First Two Weeks of Classes

If you wish to start the semester in the right direction, below is a list of important tasks you will need to do and understand.

  1. Astronomy Student ID#: During your first class, your instructor will give you your 4-digit Astronomy Student ID#. MEMORIZE IT!!! Your name and all four digits of your ID# are required on every assignment and every form of communication with your instructor. For all assignments, there will be specific places for you to place your name and ID#. DO NOT ever use your Sierra College Student ID# (which begins with 970) or your SSN on anything that has to do with your astronomy class work.
  2. Books and Materials: Buy all required books and materials preferably by the end of the first week. If this is not possible, the most important materials you will need can be found on the course web site:

  1. MasteringAstronomy Registration: Homework assignments are viewed and submitted via the MasteringAstronomy online environment. You must register with MasteringAstronomy for this environment to become available to you. Use the “MasteringAstronomy Registration Information” document in conjunction with the “MasteringAstronomy Login Essentials” PowerPoint (both found at the web address above) for directions on how to register. Complete this task by the end of the first week!
  2. Assignments: There are no required assignments due the first week. However, it is strongly advised that you do MasteringAstronomy Assignment-00 by the end of the first week in order to understand the mechanics of completing your required MasteringAstronomy homework assignments (which are due every Friday beginning with the second week).
  3. Third-Hour Assignments: When you registered for the main lecture in S-202, you also registered for a “3rd hour” of lecture in St-2. You need to attend the 3rd hour you have registered for starting week one.
  4. Enrollment: During the first week of class, be sure to check that you are enrolled. If you are not enrolled, obtain an add code from the instructor. Then, before the end of the second week, check that your enrollment went through (check your MySierra account). If not, see the instructor. Warning: Some instructors will not give “late adds” after the second week!!!