Planetarium Presentations

The Sierra College Astronomy Department currently provides the following planetarium presentation:

  • Wonders of Astronomy - A presentation given in the Sierra College Sewell Hall Planetarium, this lecture/demonstration showcases our present understanding of the universe with a multimedia arrangement that includes hands-on activities and the projection of star images on our planetarium dome. The presentation also includes a brief discussion of what you will need to start your own observational adventure with the sky.

The above program is by appointment only and a one-week advance notice is requested. When classes are in session at Sierra College, possible presentation times for Wonders of Astronomy are any time on a Friday. When classes are not in session (e.g., during the summer, spring, and Christmas breaks), any day of the week is available.

The Wonders of Astronomy presentation costs $3.00 per person. Donations are also welcome and very much appreciated. Checks can be made out to the Sierra College Astronomy Department.

To make arrangements for a presentation, contact Professor David Dunn by phone (916-660-7912) or email (

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