ACTIVITY: More Sky Gazer’s Almanac





1.   Which planets will be above the horizon at 8:00 PM (PST) on _April 9_?

Mars, Jupiter

2.   Which planets will be above the horizon at 5:00 AM (PST) on _ April 10_?

Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Venus

3.   What time does the Moon _rise   on __April 12__?

8:05 PM (±5 minutes)

4.   On the date given in Question #3, is the Moon waxing or waning?


5.   What phase is the Moon closest to (in terms of days) on the date given in Question #3, New, First Quarter, Full, or Last Quarter?

Full Moon

6.   What is the first day in __April_ that the Moon reaches perigee?

April 27 (±1 day)

7. On the four specific phases (Full, New, First Quarter, & Last Quarter), which one best describes the Moon on the day _Uranus Rises_ at midnight?

Full Moon


8.   On what day in __May__ does _Mercury_ reach “greatest elongation”?

May 18 (±1 day)


9.   What day will the __Lyrid_ meteor shower peak in activity and from what constellation will it originate?

April 22 1 day)




10. Give the date when _Jupiter_ and __Venus_ are in conjunction with each other.

November 13 (±1 day)


11. What date this year will the planet Venus be at __inferior_ conjunction?

March 20 (± 6 days)

12. What is the _second_ date this year that the planet Mercury will be at _superior_ conjunction?

June 20 (± 2 days)