Astronomy 07 - Life in the Universe

Course Description: Study of the emerging discipline of astrobiology. Designed for science and non-science majors. Relevant principles of biology, astronomy, and earth science used in searching for life in the universe. Includes cultural and philosophical aspects of life existing elsewhere in the universe.  [Units: 3; Transfer: CSU/UC]

Course Advisory: Completion of English 50 strongly recommended.

Fall 2018 Semester

Class Handouts

(Documents to be uploaded during the semester)
  • Syllabus
  • General Schedule of Activities
  • Extra credit opportunities
  • Opinion piece
  • Rocks
  • Sierra College Honesty Policy/Emergency Procedures

  • Exam #1 test bank
  • Exam #2 test bank
  • Exam #3 test bank
  • Exam #4 test bank

  • Homework 01
  • Homework 02
  • Homework 03
  • Homework 04
  • Homework 05
  • Homework 06
  • Homework 07
  • Homework 08
  • Homework 09
  • Homework 10
  • Homework 11
  • Homework 12
  • Homework 13
  • Homework 14

Lecture Presentations

(Documents to be uploaded during the semester)
  • Lecture 01a: Course Overview, Goals, and Objectives
  • Lecture 01b: Ancient astronomy, and foundations of physics
  • Lecture 02a: Setting a context for us in the Universe
  • Lecture 02b: The nebular theory; basics of matter and light
  • Lecture 03: Basic geology
  • Lecture 04a: Life and evolution
  • Lecture 04b: Cells, metabolism, and genetics
  • Lecture 05a: The origins of life
  • Lecture 05b: Mass extinctions and hominid evolution
  • Lecture 06: Life in the solar system
  • Lecture 07a: Mars
  • Lecture 07b: Life on Mars
  • Lecture 08a: Galilean moons
  • Lecture 08b: Other Jovian moons
  • Lecture 09a: Habitable zones
  • Lecture 09b: Time changes in habitable zones and global climate change
  • Lecture 10: Lights in the night
  • Lecture 11: Stellar astronomy: astrobiology style
  • Lecture 12: Exoplanets
  • Lecture 13a: SETI and CETI
  • Lecture 13b: Extrasolar civilizations, UFOs and previous contact
  • Lecture 14b: Challenges to interstellar travel
  • Lecture 15a: The Fermi Paradox, the Great Silence, and equilibrium issues

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